Benefect Community Fund was set up to give back to our restoration contractor community, who see the needs everyday.


Wild Fires in Nebraska | ServiceMaster

One of our good friends at ServiceMaster has had some devastating news from one of his own family members. The Benefect Community Fund was made aware of this campaign going on for the Streger Family... From his brother, Jason Streger: "The town of Ogallala, Nebraska and the lake area surrounding it had some devastating grass fires that consumed 800 acres or so of land. My brother, Bryce, who is a Wildlife Resource Officer in the area, helped evacuate families while all of this was going on. I am proud of my brother, not only for what he has chosen for his ...
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Louisiana Flooding 2016 | Teasdale Fenton

Troy is the operations manager for a company out of Cincinnati Ohio called Teasdale Fenton Carpet Cleaning and Restoration. After massive flooding hit the State of Louisiana, Troy and his team traveled down to help in the repair. The damage was extensive. Together with local news stations and a group called Matthew 25, Troy and his team were able to expand the relief efforts. Troy also reached out to the Benefect Community Fund for cleaning supplies for the volunteers to use. Here is an update from the Matthew 25 website at the time of the flood: Matthew 25: Ministries is responding to ...
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Louisiana Flooding 2016 | Dalworth Restoration

In August of 2016, Louisiana suffered severe flooding that left thousands of people homeless. Dalworth Restoration quickly got to work and contacted Restoration Industry vendors to donate products. The relief organization 6 Stones headed down with building material, water, and disinfectant that had all been donated to help repair and get these homes back in livable condition. A BIG thank you to the Benefect Community Fund for donating the supplies we needed to make this possible! Because of your generous donation, we were able to get families that much closer to getting their homes back. 6 Stones and M.M.I. Global Ministries Non-Profit ...
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Volunteer Group Receives Training & Product | Paul Davis

On behalf of the local United Methodist Church Disaster service committee and our local ERT (Early Response team) disaster group for the Western Reserve District of the East Ohio Conference for the United Methodist Church, I want to extend our gratitude and appreciation for your gracious donation of the 60 gallons of the Benefect Botanical Decon 30 chemical for our ERT teams use in response to flood and water clean-up disaster needs. It is my understanding that this chemical retails for $35 a gallon, which means your gracious donation has a value of $2,100 without shipping costs. We are a ...
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Flash Flooding Caused Major Damage | SERVRPO of Howard County

Storms brought torrential rain to Howard County, Maryland, causing severe flooding. Historic Ellicott City was hit the hardest, with two people dying in the disaster. SERVPRO of Howard County responded to many residents that had damage caused by the flood but many didn’t have adequate insurance to cover the cost of the repairs. In efforts to get their town back to normal, the Ellicott City Partnership was formed to help pay for insurance deductibles and some of the repair costs. Due to the hazardous nature of flood cleanup and mold remediation, the Ellicott City Partnership involved SERVPRO of Howard County to ensure ...
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Young Family Endangered by Money Pit in Hope, BC | CanStar Restorations

Benefect was approached by Jim of Aramsco Corporate to share the unbelievable story of Ben & Erinn. In partnership with Jay Dargatz of CanStar Restorations DKI in British Columbia in Canada, some relief was provided to them through the Benefect Community Fund. The following excerpts of the communications involved tell the story…. Ben & Erinn purchased an older multi-story home recently and have been bombarded with a series of events that can only be described as a horrible real-life version of The Money Pit movie starring Tom Hanks. They are a family of five with one more on the way.  ...
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