Hazmasters of Dorval & Canadian Quality Construction Support Families Impacted by Flooding in Quebec | Canadian Quality Construction, Saint Marthe, QC, Canada

Over the past month areas in Quebec have been dealing with severe flooding, causing substantial losses. A 50-metre section of a natural dike holding back the Lake of Two Mountains had been breached in Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, an off-island suburb northwest of Montreal late in April. The breached dyke plus an onslaught of rainy weather conditions caused thousands of residents to have to evacuate the community.

Hazmasters of Dorval & Canadian Quality Construction reached out and expressed an interest in providing some donated product to help relief efforts. Benefect donated jugs of Decon 30 product to ensure that citizens affected by these tragic flooding situations could have some help with the clean-up & recovery. Teams from Hazmasters of Dorval & Canadian Quality Construction were on hand, delivering product, applying Decon 30 & helping with the clean-up & relief efforts.

For more information about flooding, returning home, and staying safe, please visit: https://www.securitepublique.gouv.qc.ca/en/civil-protection/floods-information-citizens.html.