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Clean Pro Cleaning & Restoration responded to a large commercial fire loss. During the initial property assessment, Keith Orth – CDR partner and friend learned about a Horrific incident that occurred during a 3- alarm fire. Clean Pro and CDR approached the Benefect Community Fund with the story of a fire fighter, Danny Zeigler, who was severely injured while battling a fire at an Old Metairie condominium complex. Zeigler, 49, suffered second and third-degree burns on his face, neck, hands and back when he fell approximately 12-14 ft. through the roof of DeLimon Place, a group of condominium buildings on Rue Rampart St. Danny was cutting a hole in the roof when it collapsed. Within minutes Firefighter Ziegler was in an apartment just below the roof.

Zeigler was placed in a medically-induced coma with a ventilator when first brought to the hospital. Though he is progressing well, he still has quite a recovery ahead of him. He’s scheduled for surgery in the coming weeks. Firefighter Zeigler has a long road to recovery and this recovery will exceed what medical bills will possibly cover. CDR and the Benefect Community Fund feel that supporting the men and women who bravely serve our communities deserves our gratitude and continued support. The Benefect Community Fund, CleanPro and SouthernCAT donated funds to help support First Responder, Danny Ziegler. If you would like to donate to this cause, please reach out to Keith Orth at Clean Pro Restoration: