Benefect Community Fund Helps Families Cope After Hurricane Florence | Servpro, Pollocksville, NC

Ashton Owens, a past Servpro ( employee & concerned family member, who had family impacted by Hurricane Florence in Pollocksville, N.C., reached out to the Benefect Community Fund to express an interest in supporting one of the least prosperous towns in their community. The community of Pollocksville is situated on the Trent River and during Hurricane Florence the entire area was essentially a river for over a week and every home in the town was completely flooded in some way. Ashton reached out to express an interest in helping.

“Although a lot of recovery restoration has been completed, there are still many areas that are now just able to begin. According to the media a lot of places are ‘back to normal’ but what they aren’t showing are the poor/low-income individuals who are now homeless and have not even been provided basic recovery supplies,” commented Ashton. The Benefect Community Fund was happy to contribute some product to help aid these families as they are cleaning-up and recovering from the devastation post-Florence.

The state of North Carolina is inviting people to volunteer and donate to the cause, view more information about that on the State’s website: