Renew Restoration Helps Family Coping After A Fire | Renew Restoration, Ringwood, NJ

Renew Restoration from New Jersey, owned by Chris Carbone, heard through the grapevine that a friend of theirs had experienced a complete loss fire, and knew they had to step in and help. Dana Ilg was always opening her door, to her sons, grandchildren and friends throughout the years, and has given her time and energy to her church, community and to her son’s and grandchildren’s schools. It was devastating to Chris hear that her family home of over 42-years, was destroyed in a house fire. The family lost everything, and the family’s feline companion is currently being treated for smoke inhalation, while one of the residents in the home also sustained injuries to his face. Dana is strong, generous, compassionate, kind and tough as nails.

The home is a total loss, and Dana is currently in temporary housing situations trying to navigate the next steps for her and her family. Chris from Renew Restoration reached out to the Benefect Community Fund to ask for help and the Fund was happy to contribute to help Dana and her family recover from this unexpected tragedy.

For more information about their situation or to help by donating yourself, please visit