Coalition of Disaster Responders Helped Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico Have A Merry Christmas | SouthernCAT, Panama City, FL

The Coalition of Disaster Responders (CDR) out of SouthernCAT, helped to make the holiday season bright for many families in Puerto Rico who were devastated by Hurricane Maria. The CDR heard of a story in Humacao, Puerto Rico, where a church and community hub was wiped out. The Pastor of the church and his wife, Edwin and Judy Nazario, have always given themselves to their community and God and this was an opportunity for SouthernCAT and CDR partners to help these families over the holidays.

The church was wiped out in the hurricane and the small community where they live had very little food and water. There are 400 children in that community and none of them would have been able to have Christmas without the help of the CDR. SouthernCAT purchased a 22’ box truck and the military agreed to provide as much water and ready-to-eat meals as they could over the holiday season. SouthernCAT delivered the water, food and gifts to the families over the Christmas season.

Being that Benefect is a member of the CDR, we were inspired by this story and wanted to help. The Benefect Community Fund helped the CDR and the SouthernCAT team with a donation towards the purchasing of toys. When Pastor Nazario heard of the efforts from the CDR, he called to thank the group, but was so overwhelmed with gratefulness and tears, he could barely speak! It was truly inspiring to see the children and families receiving the food and gifts they needed to make it through the devastating time after the hurricane.