Flash Flooding Caused Major Damage | SERVRPO of Howard County

Storms brought torrential rain to Howard County, Maryland, causing severe flooding. Historic Ellicott City was hit the hardest, with two people dying in the disaster.

SERVPRO of Howard County responded to many residents that had damage caused by the flood but many didn’t have adequate insurance to cover the cost of the repairs.

In efforts to get their town back to normal, the Ellicott City Partnership was formed to help pay for insurance deductibles and some of the repair costs. Due to the hazardous nature of flood cleanup and mold remediation, the Ellicott City Partnership involved SERVPRO of Howard County to ensure the repairs were done safely. SERVPRO also offered a discounted rate to the Partnership for residents and businesses.

As with many disasters, SERVRPO discovered a number of residents that didn’t have any insurance coverage and couldn’t afford to fix the damage. So, SERVRPO volunteered their services for free to a number of residents. The Community Fund was able to help defray costs even further by giving Benefect disinfectant at no charge to SERVRPO for the remediation of many of these homes.