Benefect Community Fund was set up to give back to our restoration contractor community, who see the needs everyday.


We all come in contact with people in need every day. Perhaps someone has had a disaster and can’t afford to have it repaired. Maybe a Church or non-profit group has had a flood but lacks the proper insurance coverage to get it fixed…

We’ve all heard of pay-it forward and maybe you’ve even experienced it! We’re adopting a similar model to resource our friends and partners in the industry who know people in need. Whether it was a catastrophic loss like Hurricane Sandy or a simple pipe bursting, Benefect Corp. has made product and financial contributions to those in need to help communities all across North America. This is one way our Restoration Community can come together to meet the needs of our community.

BFC in Action

Aramsco of Raleigh-Durham & PHC Restoration Help a Community After Hurricane Dorian | PHC Restoration of Lillington, NC

PHC Restoration, Ocracoke Disaster Relief, & Aramsco-Raleigh-Durham Hurricane Dorian ripped up the east coast late in August and caused devastation to the Bahamas and several coastal communities in Florida and the Carolinas. An area that was severely affected by Dorian, was the coastal community of Ocracoke in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Aramsco of Raleigh-Durham & PHC Restoration reached out to express an interest in helping provide the community with relief after Dorian. Every one of the several hundred residents and business owners of the island community were impacted as Dorian produced the most severe flooding in the region since 1944. The Benefect Community Fund worked with Aramsco of Raleigh-Durham ...
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